Hi, my name is Briandito Priambodo. I'm an Indonesian who lives in Singapore with my lovely wife ♥.

"Then indeed with hardship comes ease. Indeed with hardship comes ease."
Quran 94:5-6


I started writing as a way to declutter my mind. Be it digital or handwritten, it helps me collect my thoughts. Now, other people seem to enjoy reading the thoughts and ideas that I organized.

My writing journey started with Medium. It helps me write, connect, and get paid. It's incredible to think that people from the other side of the world appreciate my writings.

"Sniff the wind and listen to the murmur of the trees. Pay attention to the language of things that don't use words."
From "Sweet Bean Paste" by Durian Sakegawa


I am a designer by trade. Currently working as a product designer at Grab. The working environment here is a sweet spot between working on challenging projects and working with supportive peers. I am learning a lot and I plan to be here for a while.

My current design philosophy is to be intentionally authentic. Sure, I still follow trends and find references—but I have to make sure that it screams like it was made by me.

"Everyone started as an imposter. You don't need to be qualified to start."
Someone from the internet


I've sold comic strips at school when I was 11 years old with the help of my Mom and my friends. I wish I still had those comic strips.

Now, I pour my thoughts and ideas into stories and visuals—inspired by books, quotes, experiences, and conversations under the alias of The Tiny Wisdom.

You may or may not have seen them. But if you do, or did, please take it with a grain of salt.

"To be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond? Be in the pond that makes you happier."
The Tiny Wisdom

Blabbering, Pondering.

I am quite active on social media. Here's why you might be interested to connect with me online:

Twitteris where I share my comic strips and banters.

Instagramis where I post personal photos & stories.

LinkedInis where I post my comic strips too, professionally.

However, I would appreciate it more if you follow @thetinywisdom instead both on Twitter and Instagram

Thanks for visiting, and
for reading my story,
dear friend.
The end of 2021, Brian.