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Briandito Priambodo
is a
and a writer.

Briandito Priambodo
ialah seorang
‍desainer, ‍
dan penulis.

プリアンボド ブリアンディト

Design Projects

Here are some of my selected projects. Please have a look, and if you think I could be a good fit for your company, let's get in touch :)

デザイン プロジェクト

私の選んだプロジェクトを紹介します。 みってください。英語で書かれている。

Proyek Desain

Berikut adalah proyek desain yang sudah saya seleksi. Silahkan melihat-lihat, dan jika Anda merasa bahwa kita dapat bekerja sama, yuk ngobrol :)

Designing Dark Mode for Wego Android and iOS

Visual & Interaction Design
August - September 2019
View Project

Muslim Prayer Times Widget Android and iOS

UX, UI, & Interaction Design
January - February 2020
View Project

Newsfeed for Android and iOS

UX, UI, Interaction Design
March - April 2020
View Project

Visual Design Gallery

Various Design Work
View Project

Year in Review: 2019

Every year I wrote down what I managed to (and failed to) achieve for the past 365 days. This time, I am trying something new by doing it publicly on my website. Enjoy!



Ulasan Tahunan: 2019

Setiap tahun saya menuliskan keberhasilan dan kegagalan saya selama 365 hari kebelakang. Kali ini, saya mencoba hal baru dengan mempublikasikan hal tersebut di website ini. Belum di translate ke bahasa Indonesia karena saya masih malas, hehe maap.

Achievement of the Year

Write, Draw, and Publish at Belajar Desain

Belajar Desain is a place to learn about design, creativity, and productivity. With my team, Ryan and Raufan, we managed to gain 10k followers on Instagram in just under 3 months' time.

Honorable Mention - Achievement

Learned to Speak Japanese

I grew up with a room full of Japanese manga (thanks, Dad!) and spent Sunday mornings watching Japanese animes on TV. In 2019 I finally had a chance to go to Japan and decided that I wanted to make the most out of it.

Gadget of the Year

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

I can't believe how much the iPad has made a positive impact in my life. It practically made my laptop useless. I write, draw, browse, and do whatever I can do on the iPad. It is a part of me now. We are inseparable.

Honorable Mention - Gadget

Canon Autoboy 2 Film Camera

I have never been a fan of photography, until I accidentally learned about how to do it properly from my friend. I bought a film camera as it makes you focus on capturing the moment, instead of focusing on the camera settings!

iPhone App of the Year


Without Duolingo, I could never be able to speak, read, and write Japanese. I owe it to Duolingo. The way the lessons are structured makes you want to learn more and more. They keep on improving the learning method and it always gets better on every update.

iPad App of the Year


I used to hate digital illustration because of how hard it is to do it in Photoshop and Illustrator. But now I whip my iPad everywhere to draw whenever I want to. Without Procreate, I don't think I would have used my iPad as much as I did in 2019.

Honorable Mention - Apps

iA Writer for iPhone and iPad

I am a firm believer of jotting down your ideas using pen and paper before you type in anything digitally. That changes since I tried iA Writer. It's a beautifully designed app that focuses on simplicity and productivity. No clutter, no mess.

Website of the Year


Being able to earn passive income through Medium has been my personal goal since 2017. In 2019, I managed to do not just that but also  to write more consistently. This year I want to write, publish, and earn even more. Passive income through writing would be a dream come true.

Failure of the Year

Learning to Code

I have always wanted to be someone who can do both design and development. However, it seems like I need to give in more effort to be able to code properly. I found it really hard to have a mental model of a programmer. But I will not give up on this dream and will pick up coding again this year!

Honorable Mention - Failure

Build an Audience on Instagram as an Illustrator

I made another persona of myself where I act as a Japanese illustrator on Instagram. The purpose is to learn to do illustrations while also working on my Japanese language skills. I was not consistent enough and barely touched the account for a while.


Berbagi pikiran dan ide dalam bentuk tulisan dapat memberikan pengaruh positif kepada masyarakat. Tidak peduli kapanpun dan dimanapun.

Ini adalah cara saya memberikan dampak positif:
Dengan membagikan ilmu dan pengalaman yang saya dapatkan, dan menginspirasi pembaca untuk melakukan hal serupa.
Sebagian artikel saya diterbitkan melalui publikasi Better Experience Design; Sebuah publikasi desain dengan tujuan untuk berbagi pengalaman non-digital di industri desain.

Artikel dengan tanda 🔥 wajib dibaca.


僕が学んだ知識と経験を共有しています。 そして,彼らにも同じことをするよう働き掛けてください。

Published Articles

Thoughts and ideas that are written and published can influence people no matter when and where.

This is how I am paying it forward: 
By sharing the knowledge I learned to the design community and inspire them to do the same.
Most of my articles are published under Better Experience Design; A design publication aiming to share non-digital experiences of the design industry.

Articles with 🔥are must reads.





Karir saya dimulai pada tahun 2015. Ini adalah beberapa tempat dimana saya telah berkontribusi.

✈️ Wego — Product Designer

🌏 Singapura
📅 Januari 2019 - Sekarang

😎 Buuuk — Product Designer

🌏 Singapura
📅 Agustus 2017 - Desember 2018

🦄 Tokopedia — UX Designer

🌏 Jakarta, Indonesia
📅 Mei 2015 - Agustus 2017



✈️ ウイゴ — プロダクトデザイナー

🌏 シンガポール
📅 一月2019 - 今

😎 ブウウウック — プロダクトデザイナー

🌏 シンガポール
📅 八月2017 - 十二月2018

🦄 トコペヂア — ユーエックスデザイナー

🌏 ジャカルタ, インドネシア
📅 五月2015 - 八月2017


I started my career back in 2015. Here are some places where I have contributed at.

✈️ Wego — Product Designer

🌏 Singapore
📅 January 2019 - Present

😎 Buuuk — Product Designer

🌏 Singapore
📅 August 2017 - December 2018

🦄 Tokopedia — UX Designer

🌏 Jakarta, Indonesia
📅 May 2015 - August 2017

Briandito Priambodo
プリアンボド ブリアンディト